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About Us

There is no room for boring here! Inactive Wear is for those who don't take themselves too seriously. We count experience, not calories!

Bringing some lightheartedness back into the fitness industry, Inactive Wear is a real conversation starter and a conversation worth starting at that!

Bored to death of all the current options in apparel, creator Lauren Jane, decided do it her own way. Not only was she bored she was concerned. While on her own fitness journey she noticed that there was a dangerous one dimensional view of health that wasn't necessarily so 'healthy' and disordered thinking about our bodies and image was an epidemic in gyms.

There's more than one look when it comes to health and wellness. 

This is more than a brand.

This is an attitude.

This is a rally call.

This is a nod to a posse that says; We won't be boxed up into one image of fitness.  

We're about having fun and not taking ourselves so seriously. We work hard and we play hard. 

We might not have it all together or always get it right but you can bet your ass that we are going to get up again tomorrow and give it another ferocious shot!

This is a celebration. 

Of strength not shape;

Of commitment not calorie count

Of balance and bad-assery!

Inactive wear calls for more hi-fives to an holistic view of health and wellness.  

We work out and we go out, come join us! 





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