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So straight up you should know that Inactive Wear is created in the spirit of sustainability and conscious consumption. 

We are based in Brisbane, Australia. Our T-shirts are sourced from a respected New Zealand company that complies with international trade practices so everything from the cotton growing to the sewing of the tees is ethical. The printer lives around the corner and does custom work by hand. He is delightful. The packaging is 100% recyclable and we have partnered with an Australian shipping company reducing our carbon footprint.. but yes, there is much more work to do!  

You can see more on our ethics page.

But basically, this is some top-notch shit right here.

I created Inactive Wear for 3 main reasons and in no particular order:

  • To support ethical manufacturing, conscious consumption and the reduce environment impacts when purchasing and creating garments.

  • To boost self-esteem, body image and laughter in and out of the gym.. relax life isn't that serious.. 

  • To offer another option to the somewhat boring-ass gear that's out there.. hullo !?

 We sell out fast, so your best bet to get your hands on one of these babies is to sign up to our restock list HERE.

    Got any questions? Just ask, we are human just like you... well sometimes. 

    We hope you love the gear and get plenty of laughs and smiles from rocking it.

    Let's spread some joy.

    Big love, 

    Lauren Jane and Team Inactive. 

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